Sunday, 9 January 2011

we love spiral stairs in Fashion, Photography, Design, Contemporary Art, Somellerie, Faith .. and also at Home!

tim walker4.jpg

Tim Walker photo of Lily Cole wearing Stella McCartney draped dress

Peter CoffinSpiral Staircase2007

Aluminum and steel

670.6 x 670.6 x 213.4 cm

Underground Spiral Stair Wine Cellar by the Spiral Cellar company

Minaret of an old Mosque in Samarra, Iraq.  Spiral staircase in bricks...ascent to God?

London City Hall spiral staircase, Foster and Partners Architects

Spiral Staircase Slide, voicemail mogul Scott Jones' home in Indianapolis ... what better way to get the kids out of bed for school!!!

Spiral Staircase in the Vatican Museum

Spiral Staircase in Vatican Museum

Guggenheim interior NY

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