Thursday, 17 January 2013


After two years I have decided to update my blog on a more regular basis, and also to rename it as "Giulia's Chest of Wonders" which is a derivation from the famous "Cabinet of Wonders" otherwise known as the German term of "Wunderkammer" which literally means "Room of Wonders".

For me this blog is going to a pure escape from my everyday life which will obviously entail some bits of my daily life but mainly is an escapism in a realm of ideas, dreams, images and fantastical stuff to me eyes.

Imagine opening a chest of drawers filled with the most interesting, peculiar and wonderful objects you have ever seen, like in a dream imagine unicron horns, African voodoo dolls, pocket watches, fluorescent insects, old treasure maps, underwater ship relics, pieces of coral, peacock feathers, palm sized Chinese enamel paintings, ancient Arabic daggers, exotic shells and fine water pearls.  This is what I aim with my blog so stay tuned and watch this space!

Yet All was not Chaos ....

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